Simple Wi-Fi Connected Smart Button For Everyone

As an Amazon Button partner, we are building the goButton on the same hardware Amazon uses for its Dash Buttons. The same technology that has revolutionized one-touch ordering is now available to you!


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Does the button need a smartphone to work?

You’ll need your phone just once, to connect the goButton to your WiFi. After that, no phone necessary!

How hard is it to setup and working?

It’s really simple! Download an app, follow a few simple instructions. Press the button to see it working!

Does it need charging? How long is the battery life?

The inbuilt battery is good for 2000 button presses. That's over 2 years of typical use. You will never need to charge it.

How is this different from the Dash Button?

Amazon Dash Buttons do one thing: reorder your favorite product from Amazon. On the other hand, the goButton is configurable. You choose what it should do, using the goButton app.


The simple button has the power in it to free us from everyday mundane tasks, and give us a bit of our day back. So we went looking for a great button. One that builds trust, through its reliability, getting the job done every time, press after press.

Of course we were beyond excited when Amazon made its AWS IoT Button available to us, with all the power of AWS behind it. All we need now are your ideas and imagination, to make the magic happen. (So tell us!)

Our company Visybl is all about using technology to make work smarter.

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